Years of research and development have gone into the design of all outdoor furnaces and have resulted in a furnace that offers safety and convenience as well as high performance and efficiency. To insure maximum operator safety we feature a water-cooled firedoor, fully insulated housing and a CSA-CSA/US approved A.R.D. (Anti-Rollout Device) that guards against flashback. Features such as an ash removal auger, bladder system and forced-air draft make HEATMOR™ outdoor furnaces easy and efficient to operate and maintain. The large capacity firebox and firedoor opening allow for large amounts of to be loaded with ease.

Safe for your family, your home, and the environment

Until recently, heating with wood meant installing a wood stove or fireplace, splitting wood, hauling it into the home and the inconvenience of feeding the fire several times a day. In addition, you have the risk of fire, the effect of smoke on respiratory and allergy conditions, and the constant mess of having wood in the home.

The benefits of having an outdoor HEATMOR™ furnace include:

They conclude that control of the greenhouse effect could be achieved if more homes reduced their use of fossil fuels and relied more on wood for heating and other energy uses. Careful pruning and harvesting of overgrown forests not only provides fuel for outdoor furnaces, it promotes regrowth of healthy trees that absorb three times as much CO2 as is released when wood burns.

X Series

Standard 100CSS, 200CSS, & 400 DCSS Design (All models shown here)